UX Lead

  • User Experience
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

UX Lead

Job description

If you are a passionate UX design leader who enjoys designing innovative experiences that solve clients’ complex business problems,  If you are focused above all on customer and end users’ needs and intents, but have a keen understanding of business drivers, If you possess these super powers : empathy, flexibility, collaboration, communication, and an eye for good design judgement,  If you enjoy mentoring budding and aspiring team of junior designers, if you are truly passionate about evangelizing, both internally and externally, the value behind good UX, Please feel free to read through rest of the description, else you may not have the best shot! 


At HUED, we are looking for User Experience Lead for our Riyadh office.  We have following key expectations from you (we have others as well but let's keep that for later):




1. You are great at transforming experiences people have with technology 

2. You are extremely passionate about improving the experience of users as well as 

3. people around the users 

4. You continuously seek to enhance the process of designing great user experiences 

5. You can think beyond the screen when it comes to experience 

6. You can make people say "UX is amazing. How do I become a UX designer”? 

7. You have an extreme focus on Innovation: You are always seeking to break boundaries of what UX is and could be.


You will be working with a cross functional team of designers, researchers, innovators and technologists from all over the world (and some outside as well !). The work we do has the potential to create significant impact and your work will contribute largely to that impact.